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SW WUWSHU SCHOOL, established under the sponsorship of the Great Sun Yixian, has a more than 90-year history. Especially after the Open and Reform policy, SW has achieved significant developsement, grown up into one of the most influencial WUSHU institutions in Shanghai within several years. Moreover, SW has attracted a lot of national class Wushu masters and elites in the martial discipline. Tang Hongwu has also been emploied as a significant master in SW for several years.

Shanghai SW Wushu School
the first students in Montreal
Demonstration in teaching
In year 2002, Tang Hongwu had made up his mind to wide-spread Chinese overseas. Finally in Autume of 2004, he established SW WUSHU SCHOOL in Montreal Canada, and his Wushu career turned out a brand new leaf.
Genuine Kungfu by Genuine Master is SW's constant law.
SW WUSHU SCHOOL dedicates to promoting Chinese traditional culture, enriching the multi-culturalism and strengthening the cultural exchange between Chinese people and Canadians.
photo with young students
a student in the arena
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